Flogging Paintings

Flogging takes on a meditative quality for me. Thus, the idea to translate this meditation to art creation came to life. Using the flogger as my paintbrush has been an ongoing experiment and cathartic experience. The consistency of the paint, the material of which the flogger is made out of, and the force of impact are all determining factors as to how a painting will turn out. But when it comes down to it, I as the the artist, must surrender to what is. For when the impact strikes, it leaves its mark, capturing a moment in time, a mark of color, and the impression of movement. Each piece is completely original and unique and it is my hope that the abstractions created might invoke the imagination to embrace emotion, sensation, and curiosity about the word impact.

Upon request, All pieces can be made into prints of varying sizes. If you'd like to commission a customized piece, please email me