Ms Tress is a shapeshifting artist whose background materialized through movement on the stage. She began dancing at the age of three and took that into a Professional career spanning over seven years. Upon landing in the Bay Area, her focus switched to more visual art while attending San Francisco Art Institute where she explored painting and photography. Again, the desire to perform eventually circled back around, and she found herself entering into the night life drag scene. Here she began searching into the art of transformation and what it meant to both embody one's authentic self while putting on a different persona. The power she felt on stage ultimately led her to shape shift once more into a new career working as a Dominatrix.


This allowed her to essentially live out her drag while engaging in relationship through playful and creative explorations. She's currently been working as a Professional Dominatrix for 5 years now, offering customized consensual experiences to those who wish to explore the art of kink and BDSM. In 2018, she became the Proprietress of Nightshade Sanctuary, a healing arts studio located in the leather district of San Francisco. It serves as a safe rental space where the intersectionality of sex work and art can collide and collaborate.


Her art weaves into all aspects of her life but when in the art studio, she is mostly working on large abstract oil paintings and her new series of flogging paintings. Once again, movement is the driving force behind creating sweeping gestures of colors and textures to create paintings that capture emotion, expression, or simply leave their mark.

She is available for commissions, collaboration, or domination in various forms. For more information, contact at